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Cakes and Prices

There are many things to think about and choose from when deciding on your wedding cake. These will determine the final cost.

Things like, the size of cake, for the portions required, and overall effect required. Also the flavour of cake, Sponge, Madeira, Fruit, Chocolate etc. Whether the design, is something minimal and elegant, or more complex. Then finally if it is to be stacked layers, or with pillars etc.

Naked Wedding Cakes

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                                                                                                                                                                                     Portions      Price

2 Tier Vanilla Sponge 8-10 inch round cake              60-80              £165


3 Tier Vanilla Sponge 6-8-10 inch round Cake           80-96             £200

3 tier Vanilla Sponge 6-9-12 inch round Cake            100-102          £230

4 Tier Vanilla Sponge 4-6-8-10 inch round cake         80-86             £280

4 Tier Vanilla Sponge 8-10-12-14 inch round cake     150-196          £320  

The above is a guide only, as larger flowers etc. may require 3-4 inches between each tier. 

Portion amounts depend on the size cut. The above is based on an approximate 1 x 2 inch portion size.

Naked cakes are available with fresh fruit, with either handmade sugar, butter cream flowers, fresh flowers of your choice or a selection of edible flowers. Tiers can be a mix of different flavours & fillings, prices on request.

Please note: for freshness etc. These cakes need to be delivered, set up and decorated at the venue only.   

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Iced Wedding Cakes

Iced cakes are available in many flavours, fillings. Chocolate is £5 more per tier than a vanilla or lemon, because we only use high quality chocolate, for our cakes, buttercream or ganache etc.

Our fruit cakes can be flavoured with or without rum or brandy. these prices are on request. 

Please note. At least 3 months notice is required, as fruit cake need to mature for a fuller flavour.

All our tiered cakes are dowelled with boards for stability and for easier cutting.

                                                       Portions   Round Cakes    Square Cakes    

2 Tier Vanilla Sponge 8 - 10 inch                   65 - 82                      £180                    £205.00

3 Tier Vanilla Sponge 6-8-10 inch                 80-100                     £250.00              £295.00

4 Tier Vanilla Sponge 4-6-8-10 inch             84-108                     £285.00              £330.00

5 Tier Vanilla Sponge 6-8-10-12-14 inch     211-278                    £495.00               £545.00

The above is a starting guide only, as the design of the cake may require 3-4 inches between each tier. Portion amounts depend on the size cut. 

The above is based on an approximate 1 x 2 inch portion size.

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We also have a few cake stands, cutting and serving knives for hire at £25 each, with a deposit of £50. Please note these must be returned maximum two days after the wedding weekend, Longer with prior arrangment only.

A non refundable deposit of £70 is required to secure the date required for your cake, and a deposit of 50% of the final price is required when an order is placed, and before any ingredients are ordered.

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Payment: Cash, Cheque or all major cards taken

For any further information, or just to chat about our cakes and prices please do not hesitate to contact us on 07803011377 or email  

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